XPR Detachable Box Magazine





Superior design for XPR rifles. Strong, ribbed polymer construction, in-line feeding. Use the “More Options” pull-down menu to determine the correct magazine for your caliber. 

Durable and reliable. The XPR’s detachable box magazine is constructed of a light yet rugged polymer and securely latches at both the front and rear for added security and to endure feeding reliability. The magazine is a slick and slim single stack design that feeds cartridges in a straight line right into the chamber. Nothing could be more straight-forward.  The XPR’s magazine capacity is three cartridges in both magnum and standard calibers. Because they are so slim, additional loaded XPR magazines can be easily carried in your pocket or pack for a fast reload.

Form and function. Just a pull with a forward finger and the magazine is in your hand for loading or unloading. (Remember to empty the chamber too when unloading.) You can carry an extra loaded magazine for convenience. Construction uses a ribbed configuration that offers exceptional strength. 

Extra convenience. Having an extra XPR magazine in your pocket — ready to be used — is one of the great convenience features that comes with the XPR design versus a fixed (or hinged) floorplate design. 

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